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Off Broadway Services Inc at 5201 Washington Street in Merrillville, Indiana

Off Broadway Services Inc in 5201 Washington Street, Indiana: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.

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5201 Washington Street,
Merrillville, Indiana
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Phone: +1 219-985-9277

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Today: 08:00 am — 05:00 pm

08:00 am — 05:00 pm
08:00 am — 05:00 pm
08:00 am — 05:00 pm
08:00 am — 05:00 pm
08:00 am — 05:00 pm

Reviews about Off Broadway Services Inc

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    I had gotten Orders to Turkey 2 yrs ago. Left my car behind and came back and comes to find out it had a lot of electrical issues. Currently stationed in Arizona it was hard for me to get my vehicle back in shape before shipping it to Arizona. My car was taken to Off Broadway Service, Inc I was told they could repair the short that was in my car. From the get go I have told this guy that the back O2 sensor had issue if he could look at it along with the shorts circuit. My friend had also left my car jumper in the care in case the mechanic took my car away he could jump started. My car was there for about a month, I was being very patient thinking he would be able to fix my vehicle. I would call to check on the status and it would be almost the same song. We had to put your car aside because we had more vehicles. I felt like I was second or third best. I had told this mechanic that I need my car because it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. He asked for an extra day to see if he could fix it. I gave him 2 days. I had called him and asked if the car was put back together and was my car jumper in the car? He answered yes to both. A week later when my friend went to pick up the car he said that the small USB car jumper was missing. When I called the mechanic he said he didn’t know what I was talking about and that he didn’t see anything like this. Not only this guy couldn’t fix my car….stuff from my car was missing. My car was left in his possession for about a month. Furthermore my unused brake pads were also missing. Upon looking at the bill even though I told this guy that the back O2 sensor needs fixing he said that it only needed to be plugged in all the way….that ended costing me $128.30. The main job was not completed with having my car being there for a month he ended up charging me a whopping $315.30….my brand new battery that was put in the car all the sudden was bad…. Sometimes I asked myself why am I doing the sacrifices I do when I wear this military uniform….and to come back and get your stuff be missing, I have work too hard to EARN what I have. To anyone reading this I will say this. After experiencing this I have learn a lot. Another mechanic told me to never trust any mechanic and never leave anything in your car. I am also will now put hidden cameras in the car. So the next time something like that happens I can prove to them how something got missing. I will no longer take my car to this unsafe place named: Off Broadway Services of 5201 Washington St in Gary Indiana 46410.
    by DigitalJP
    September 02, 2018
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Off Broadway Services Inc is located at 5201 Washington Street, Merrillville, Indiana.